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Environmental Construction

With the increased global awareness of how our heavy industries can have a negative impact on our health, safety and the environment, corporations are beginning to take a proactive approach to lessening their operations' impact on the environment.

Kowal Construction works closely with members of the oil and gas industry, as well as members of the public and private sectors to create effective and sustainable methods to minimize these risks.

We have a wealth of both expertise and experience, to not only assist our clients prevent any negative effect on the environment and the people in it, but, should any incident occur, we can contain contaminants and restore sites to their former state.

Environmental Construction Services include:

• Interceptor Trenches
  • • Retaining Walls
  • • Collection Ponds and Liners
  • • Landfill Construction
  • • Lined Tank Pads
• Soil Treatment Facilities
  • • Slurry Walls
  • • Groundwater Treatment System Installation
  • • In Situ Soil Treatment System Installation
  • • Leachate Collection System Installation