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History and Experience

Founded by Carter Kowal in 1997, Kowal Construction Alta Ltd. (Kowal Construction) started out in oilfield lease building, reclamation and remediation. Through diligent management, quality workmanship and customer service, Kowal Construction quickly established a reputation as a leader in the construction industry.

Building on a solid reputation and continuing to strive for excellence, Kowal Construction has expanded its operations to include a full range of services, including earthworks, road building, environmental, oilfield, transportation and other specialty services.

After over fifteen years in operation, the sense of pride and commitment to high standards of workmanship is still evident in every job Kowal Construction completes. The extensive experience of its employees and their commitment to safety makes Kowal truly unique in the construction industry. With over 250 employees during peak periods and over 300 pieces of equipment in their fleet, Kowal Construction is confident that they have the expertise and capacity to complete any job properly and on time.

Mission Statement and Values

The mission of Kowal Construction Alta Ltd. is to provide the highest quality of end product to our clients through the provision of proper equipment and a qualified workforce who are committed to quality, leadership and embrace a culture of safety.
Kowal Construction's values are:
• Quality
• Safety
• Knowledge/expertise
• Flexibility
• Dedication
• Hands-on approach
• Efficiency
• Value


Corporate Responsibility

Kowal Construction Alta Ltd. believes strongly in supporting the communities in which our employees and clients reside and work.  Our company values integrity and is committed to social investment and being a responsible corporate citizen. 
Kowal Construction is always interested in opportunities to invest time, skills and financial support with worthwhile community causes and initiatives.  Please contact Kowal Construction for more information.